on tap


Water Street Brewery is proud to brew a variety of award-winning traditional and specialty beers at each of our three locations. From ambers to ales, stouts to seasonals, we offer an ever-changing selection of delicious beers on tap. 


Honey Lager Light -  A light beer with crisp flavor and floral overtones. WI clover honey and light barley malt is used to produce this American style lager.
OG 1.042 / SRM 5/ ABV 4.2% / IBU 6.6

Bavarian Weiss - Traditional german hefeweizen with fruity banana and clove taste. using weiss yeast, after fermentation this beer is served unfiltered and with a fresh lemon wedge.
OG 1.047 / SRM 11.5/ ABV 4.6% / IBU 5

Raspberry Weiss - 200 pounds of fresh raspberries are added to our weiss beer. resulting in a tart flavor balanced by the sweetness of the wheat in the weiss.
OG 1.042 / SRM NA / ABV 4.2% / IBU 5

IPA - India pale ale, a stronger version of pale ale, originally shipped from England to colonists in India. its high hop rate helped it stay fresh on long journeys. higher in alcohol content than an American pale ale.
OG 1.065 / SRM 16/ ABV 6.5% / IBU 65

Victory Amber - American style amber ale colored by using caramel and victory malts. the caramel sweetness is balanced by a medium hop presence resulting in a medium bodied hopped beer.
OG 1.0147 / SRM 19/ ABV 4.5% / IBU 20

Octoberfest - German marzan style of dark lager. darker than its german counterparts with a rich malt character of munich style malts producing a full body.
OG 1.052 / SRM 25/ ABV 5% / IBU 17

Wisconsin Breakfast Brown - A strong brown ale with Wisconsin breakfast style ingredients. Lactose oats, Wisconsin maple syrup, and Stone Creek Coffee combined with this deep caramel malt beer that was aged on brandy wood for a complete Wisconsin breakfast in a glass.
OG 1.082 / SRM 30 / ABV 8.2% / IBU 30

onTapSideBaltic Porter
- Dark and strong version of a Porter. Brewers made a stronger more robust porter to be shipped across the North Sea. With strong dark chocolate and toffee flavors brewed with Czech and Czech style ingredients.
OG 1.075 / SRM 38 / ABV 7.7% / IBU 40

Irish Stout 
Hearty and robust, irish stout is made with roasted barley producing a coffee like flavor. During the 14th century the word “stout” meant strong and by the 19th century this beer had gained a reputation for being a strengthening and healthful drink recommended by doctors.
OG 1.045 / SRM 40 / ABV 4.5% / IBU 45